Irene Fonseca Child

Posted May 10th, 2019 by Suzy

To dialogue you need to stop what she is making, looking at child and to see it, to allow that it feels that its attention is in it and that affectivity exists, complicity, respect affection. When an educator orders a child to think, probably it does not want to make use of time for the same one, or he does not know that orientation to give at that moment. Who educates needs to be intelligent, creative and receptive and never to menosprezar or to subestimar the intelligence of a child, to recognize that it wants to hear, to argue and to understand. To educate is a process in the long run, therefore, does not wait that its child understands when you it explains a time, two, three It has patience, and it thinks that when you will be in the oldness, it will have with you the same patience that taught you it to have in infancy. Please visit Boy Scouts if you seek more information. After the dialogued education, parents and children, they will not have communication problems, go learning if to know, if to respect and to change dreams, frustrations and the experiences granted for the life, where each one knows which is its paper and its limit. to the educators who use cantinho in classroom, I leave the same orientation, patience, love, affectivity and above all, commitment with the being that is in formation in the preschool age, so that when arriving in basic education, it more has an adjusted position. To educate is a commitment that start in the maternal uterus and if it extends for all the existence human being, therefore who educates will have to learn that it is the persistence and the love that the creatures raise and say make possible it between the souls. Irene Fonseca . ntly assessing future choices.

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