Posted September 25th, 2018 by Suzy

How to find a quality internship current curriculum vitae by university graduates have something in common: you have documents of internships. Because know the graduates: employers prefer applicants with experience. Since this often neglected part of the studies, internships are a popular means to acquire the required knowledge in the formation phase. Students enter but also a risk with each application. Repeatedly interns report the experience, little learned, but to have cooked lots of coffee. But an internship must be no waste of time, the only question is how to find an employer who offers high-quality internships.

Take jobs scrutinized internship display gives a first indication of the quality of the internship. This should give detailed information about the employer, responsibilities and qualifications. Is entered in which the careers of trainees and possible funding programmes are particularly positive. This is a sign that the Internships with the serious purpose of the training companies and not because an Assistant is required. Information about the company obtain information about the company can get you in different ways. Of course worth a look on the homepage, here information should be located, are targeted to interns and employees. Of course companies present themselves as positively as possible, therefore should be resorted to external sources. Negative media coverage, especially when it comes to staff friendliness, should make always suspicious.

Maybe the company is striking but also positive, for example, through awards as a fair employer. “Experience reports and internship reviews of former interns can be particularly useful, especially if not only between positive” and negative “distinction. A trainee who is still at the beginning of his studies and would like to breathe in the first practice air, is on any other expectations as a graduate, Takeover hopes. A review should be therefore draw conclusions whether the internship could be the personal demands. The interview that interview should be used not only be to get yourself in a good light, but also, to get a first impression of the future workplace. The atmosphere is friendly, you get presented employees and the future caregivers as well as the premises? Talking should be extensively talked about our fields of activity and be given the opportunity to ask questions. The more transparent the company presents itself, the better. Anyway, if you are coming with a positive sense of the job interview back home, it is a good sign. The internship contract could you convince the signing of the contract is imminent. The employer should concede the possibility here to make comments. A volunteer internship, the intern has both the right to leave, as well as on a remuneration that corresponds to the training content of the respective professions. Both should accordingly be laid down in the Treaty. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is often quoted as being for or against this. Addressed well organized the search for an internship, you can therefore significantly affect the quality of the internship and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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