Internet Auctions, Why Do I Need Ordinary People ?

Posted October 10th, 2012 by Suzy

Each of us probably have at home or in the country pile of boxes, which according to our own words “a trash, but that is a pity to throw.” And those who have various old envelopes’s 80 from relatives? Again many. Throw a pity, because these same envelopes keep some history, but they are litter boxes. Sell them! Yes, because of these envelopes, the 70-80-ies, some collectors are willing to lay out a pretty decent amount! That’s just think: you threw the envelope worth twenty or thirty dollars! Not bad. But at the same amount people can live a week. Or, for example, the old, old magazines, newspapers. “Roman-gazeta”, “Murzilka”, “Around the World”, certainly these books still have on your cottage. Read their will? Maybe a couple of times read, remember old times, and then into the oven, steam heat.

But you can not in the fire, as well as a collector, through the Internet auction. Similarly, you can droop and old audio-video cassettes. Instead of throwing them away, think because they are someone may be needed. And we’re not talking about that this thing to give, and it is about to sell! And what about the different household utensils? Household appliances, too You can sell, of course, its price will not exceed the purchase, but still better something than nothing! At the auction, you can also sell their own books are written. Agree, if you want to become a writer, publishing a book is very expensive, best to practice on Internet auctions, and then, if the book sells well, the usual print run. And if you’re on the contrary, want to buy rather than sell? Well, it’s even easier. Find a lot that you liked, enter a whatever amount you want to pay, and if you bet on it seems very high, then you can bude to congratulate a good purchase. At the same time on the internet auction can find anything, and for any price, even from One ruble! ” You can certainly buy and works of art, but this auction, and there they will be very expensive.

The main advantage of online auction is, of course, is that when buying you set your own initial desired price, ie below this amount, the stakes could not be. Another advantage is that the auctions have almost everything. But the negative is to fight for the lot, then there is disappointment, that rate to the desired knick soared too high, and there is no possibility to buy it. But it’s good for the seller of this item

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