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Posted June 17th, 2017 by Suzy

So called interview with writer Eugene P. Tsvetkov, which was published in the February issue of "Egoist generation. It's about what works and lives were all that you need to do to claim it. Of individual human destiny. On the possibility of happiness and immortality. About dreams – as part of the reserve life, prophetic dreams and snotvorchestve … About Eugene Tsvetkov before this time, little is known. A man of encyclopedic knowledge, versatile Occupation, who has lived many years abroad and returned to Russia in 1992.

Member of the PEN Club in Sydney, included in the book Who is Who in the World (1 988 -1989) and "Who's Who in Russia." The famous scientist – a geophysicist, dealing with the problems of climate, which made a great contribution to the development of national and world science, working in leading research centers and universities around the world. In our country it is also known as a popular journalist – author of acclaimed at the time of popular science programs on radio and TV and articles in well-known Russian and foreign publications. He – a leading astrologer, who offered the first reading of the plot ASTROPROGNOZ, founder and astromuzyki astromody. And yet – the famous interpreter of dreams, who devoted their Research most of his life, palmist, hirodiagnost, artist. Member of International Arts Fund, author of unique expositions "Happy dreams." And the writer, who account for about a dozen published novels and short stories – all of them went abroad a few years ago in our country. His work is compared with many works of Borges, Marquez, Bulgakov, Hoffman and Coelho. The best known of it works in our country are – the novel "The creative workers" and the book "Happy Dreams" – a wonderful dream book, which includes the story "Yoga sleep" and the meditative commentary on the "Tibetan Book of the Dead." Meetings with these people are big "discoveries" …

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