Insured Parcels

Posted March 9th, 2017 by Suzy

Consider these four things and stay on the safe side in this article will find four important things to consider, if want to abandon a broadcast the next time and they insure. Insurance value is the normal insurance value differently for different shipping methods and different shipping service providers. A regular package, called also standard broadcast, has a very low value of insurance, often only up to 250. An express shipment, however, includes a higher insurance value. They can reach up to 5000, depending on the service provider. In some cases, a value of goods can be insured up to 25,000 directly with your service providers. You can however also broadcasts with high value in addition with an external insurance company to insure. Consequential damages if a shipment arrives in a timely manner often arise consequential, especially in shipments or other broadcasts by business customers.

The missing spare parts paralysing the construction site, a sample program is not involved in the selection, a tender will be excluded. The consequential damages for each of these scenarios would be enormous. Therefore, it is important to know that insurance generally not for consequential damages arise. For really important packages, consider therefore broadcast considering a SameDay. Policies follow the completed insurance is only valid if the terms and conditions of the service provider are observed. If for example, your shipment is not stress just wrapped, then the shipping provider not compensated damage. Declare content you should make sure that you really must send the contents of your shipment.

Some products that are actually harmless (batteries for example) fall into the category of dangerous goods and must therefore be shipped under special conditions. If you send such products with a normal or express shipping, you are personally liable for any damages. “If you so next time about the subject insured parcels” thinking you should get from your Consult shipping provider. For regular shipping volume of business, it is worth to introduce a standard within the company, which decreases such decisions to the staff. LetMeShip LetMeShip ( is a price comparison and shipment processing platform express and parcel services for business customers. Price bundling, save costs, all bookings run to a customer number and an invoice. Thereby, each customer is supervised by a personal advisor. LetMeShip cooperates with service providers such as DHL, UPS, TNT, GO! and DerKurier. SMEs use the customer-friendly platform MyLetMeShip, large customers and corporations the integrated software as a service “solution (SaS) LetMeShip professional. Over 2,000 medium-sized companies the benefits of LetMeShip daily. The LetMeShip platform based in Hamburg was founded in the year 2000.

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