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Posted April 30th, 2017 by Suzy

There is a common expression, indicating that the leaders are not born. The meaning of such and similar expressions is that each case study. Also, in order to be a good manager will have to learn exactly like to become a qualified mechanic or plumber. Each of the features. School executive education – is not only the daily practice of management and, of course, not alone Institute majoring in management. School leadership training – this is, rather, graduate studies for those who are really interested in is to become not just a nominal, but in fact competent manager. Education Directors is run as a one-or two-day seminars.

How useful such a business school? First of all, the school business manager can ask for any concerns its personnel management issues and the actions performed in the organization, as well as learn the questions that ask other executives. After all, it is natural that the initial phase of the problem – this is the stage when the boss does not know the presence of difficulties. But if we compare the situation in the various organizations, the problem may emerge. A lot of bosses is believed that the real business school – this is real daily practice. But it is not too correct view of things. As the saying goes, you can certainly walk on the field of mine with her head held high, but unfortunately the feasibility of this type of campaign is very low. To accurately study the signs of danger underfoot and learn how to deactivate them.

Any business school is often nothing more than a training course, which addresses not just theoretical types of mines, which could meet, but a good course clearance. Training future heads of most disturbing: it needs at least two days to leave the company "unattended." And in this sense, training school leaders will tell you how to build system of governance in a way that is not afraid to leave the head of a company without supervision. After building the structure is functioning reasonably and without the presence of on-site director who needed except for making serious decisions. And one more thing about it is it must be said: the training of future commanders do not imply recognition of their failure as leaders. On the contrary. It is a recognition of their wisdom.

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