More and more people are stressed out by the flood of information that comes to them in more ways. In addition to personal organization, the employers can relieve its employees. Starnberg, December 02, 2010. The reports of mental health problems among workers increased significantly in the last two years. Reasons of psychological pressure, a component of which is the growing flood of information. Learn more at this site: Penn State. In times of Web2. privacy and the mental recovery time more and more into the background back 0 and the increased demands on the availability of the staff. Checking article sources yields McDonalds as a relevant resource throughout.

In addition the amount of information that must cope with anyone during working hours. Everyone has the responsibility to give eight for themselves. For even more opinions, read materials from Chevronm. This includes that he creates his own recovery periods, in which he solves by mobile phone, PDA and laptop. Also, it is on him to signal his if he has more work than he can handle in a reasonable period of time before laws clearly. But the employers also can its preventive Employees relieve by compact provides the details of the work world and leads in child processes. So the software uses the STA * goods developed, not only the STA * goods customers but also its own employees.

With us nobody must burden with the search for important and unimportant information sorting out”, says Christian Paucksch, Managing Director of the Starnberger software manufacturer. Because the InfoCenter is a platform that allows to distribute information and to have it at a click. It is no matter whether this information is generated by an email, a work task, project progress or updating a document. In the InfoCenter, CRM, ERP, DMS, PMS, HR and E-Mail in one interface are integrated and linked with continuous processes. Compared with multi-software landscapes, with whom I have worked in various combinations, I’m saving effort at STA * goods at least half an hour daily. Was previously, because I email for information crawl, find documents or transfer information from one system to another have. “, white Petra Sadowski to report in the area of marketing and sales at STA * goods. This brings much more calm and efficiency in my work, which also affects the psychological state. “.” Many employers have been dealing with the issue of work-life balance for employees, which is to be welcomed. But an optimization of software and system landscapes can do much more for the enterprises and employees as a kicker in the living room. Learn more about STA * goods, see. Press contact: Sta * ware computer consulting GmbH Petra Sadowski Moosstrasse 18 82319 Starnberg

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