In Switzerland

Posted April 13th, 2017 by Suzy

I am convinced that the boom of the NGOs touch ceiling and it presents a certain fatigue in relation to the momentum of his first fervor. NGOs have to give way to the agencies that can provide effective help. Volunteers will continue to strive in the struggle for Justice and social rights for all. If I were Mayor of a city, not a single person dormiria Street, gather them and would see what happened to each one to try and remedy its necessity and treat their reintegration to the extent possible. In Switzerland no duerme nobody on the street.

Some people come out at night to give coffee by admirable compassion and some go beyond and do so with commitment to denounce such inadmissible in a well-organized society situation, but we can not perpetuate it because we run the risk of creating assistentialism. And the assistentialism breeds dependency. It has been very cynical close psychiatric centers and throw the streets mentally ill which should be placed in appropriate homes for health. Volunteers should cater to those excluded poor while they warn the Administration that take care of them. The same happens in prisons, or immigrants, with elderly that you live alone, with terminally ill patients, drug addicts or any marginalized where a social injustice, is detected at the time seeking the means of remedying it.

We can not content ourselves with accompany the outcast in his solitude and disgrace, such conduct could hide any imbalance that confuse subject with object, or any hidden transfer. The volunteer is a person who works and cede part of their time to help social work. It is not permissible to have people who have made volunteerism a way of life, when not a questionable need. The volunteer will always be necessary because it brings a plus of humanity, without forgetting that what is owed in justice must not give it in charity. We are beset by a passion for Justice, and in our task, always subsidiary, contributed the delicacy in the mode and firmness on the weekends.

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