Important Works

Posted July 6th, 2019 by Suzy

The concierge service & building services Heike Falk informed every garden owner is looking forward to the blossoming of his garden in the spring. The experts of the Hanau explain what preparatory work he already must complete in the autumn first flowers break through that, just frozen soil to see company HEIKE FALK Hausmeisterservice & building services. Autumn garden work are designed to allow a unbeschadetes survive of the cold season plants and to lay the groundwork for ideal growing conditions in the next growing season. Autumn is an excellent time of planting due to relatively mild temperatures and widespread rains. Be newly planted plants under typical autumnal conditions or staggered, they before the tiring growth phase, which will take its course in the spring of next year, sufficient time for the adaptation of new floors and sites and will welcome the spring with full bloom. The setting of Flower bulbs is one of the typical autumn garden work.

The garden owner puts them at a depth of double the size of the bulb into the soil, making the flower bulbs survive freezing winter soil without damage and give a beautiful flowering garden lover. In addition to planting work is another focus of the autumn garden work in the cutting-back of various plants. Perennial bushes, which should please the eye the following year must be cut in the fall to just above ground level. As soon as their roots pull out the plant juice from the above-ground part of the perennials, the visible plant is yellow, their stems tend more towards the ground and rotting bodies occur. The perennial shows such signs, their aerial part may be trimmed safely. A last cut should be also hedges before the cold winter. Will cut their green, the hedge keeps its shape over the winter. At the same time reduces the chance of a jam of wet, the to Decay can result.

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