How To Fix Your Computer? Tips Computer Wizard

Posted February 8th, 2021 by Suzy

It is clear that in this one article, I will not teach you how to repair your computer, but I'll try to explain what is necessary to start and how to troubleshoot your computer. So how do you fix a computer? Rhetorical question. Continue to learn more with: Big Brothers of America. Before we start, something to fix need to know what to fix? It is necessary to conduct a so-called diagnosis of the problem. Diagnosis can be as simple visual (eg, you're that windsurfing is not loaded) and the hardware when to identify the problem you are using the devices (tester, oscilloscope, or just drive the tester PC). Now let's suppose we face is a computer that either it does not react to the power button is here before us and stood up the question of how to fix your computer.

Let's meet. If your computer does not start, then it could be a lot of, we will try to enumerate the main causes of computer problems that are often encountered in practice. Begin perhaps. Carefully check all cords that are connected to a pc, especially carefully check the power cord. If everything is properly connected to your pc and Power (pilots outlets YuPSkam), move on, open the lid with computer and look at the cooler on the cpu, if you click on it tries to twist, but then everything fades away, it's likely that your computer is not enough food. Find another power supply to your computer and try to start the computer with him, if earned, then either buy a new unit or repair the old way, written here about the repair of power supplies in the home. I also want to tell if the cooler is not spinning it too can be a sign not to work properly the power supply. Moving on, let your power supply is ok and the computer is starting, all the spins and makes noise, but the monitor is not lit.

Then how to fix my computer? Now a look. When you turn on your computer to work, but the monitor does not show the picture, I advise you to listen to your speaker – the dynamics inside the case. Typically, the speaker starts beeping, like a police car, if he does not Like ram (possibly complex OZUshku not see or does not meet job guys ozushek). Also, the speaker likes to squeak if that – is something wrong with the processor. Suppose they were all right, the computer is not beeping or beeps once (this satisfactory signal a successful test POST). It seems that the system unit is working and the monitor image no. Likely suffers from a video card or monitor. Check out the video card is easy if your computer has a built-in on the board. Simply remove the main vidyashku, by the way, here's how to remove vidyashku further connect the monitor to the built-in . More difficult if you have the main video card and a built-in, then you should do Conversely, to insert a removable card and check on her. Here vobschem I spoke briefly about how to fix your computer. Very short and useful, described the cases are not always the cause, but very often my clients failure lies in the fact that I described above.

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