Houses In Tver

Posted September 5th, 2018 by Suzy

In response, heard the same thing: 'City of reserve housing has no', 'Why are you so much baby?', 'Buy a house in Tver (Kaluga, Tambov ) region, it is cheap and leave there. " Do not they know that there, where they sent me, there is no work at all! Rush out of the fire, the frying pan into? God be their judge, these people in expensive suits who have appointment to take care of and protect its people. Probably very difficult to understand the situation of many mothers, when engaged only 'important affairs of state. " Most weighed more – such as the ratio of ordinary people like me itself, the victims may not be less than in the hard times of . How many times have we tried to break with the children in the store, clinic without waiting in line. And it's not because the stand was lazy, but because they stayed home six Senior, look after younger infants. On my attempts to climb out of turn (I'm usually asked people to skip), got only: 'To give birth, so in turn does not stand'! A problem with the transport! Minibuses will never stayed near the poorly-dressed mother with four children. Probably assumed that I could not pay the fare for all our company and endless bureaucratic corridors when you make a 'child' and subsidies. Indeed, in rooms were the same woman as I am! Somehow our employees one of the temple was asked to leave the dining room, where I have got children after serving drink hot tea, because it was bitter cold.

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