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Posted April 9th, 2020 by Suzy

If the Lusen attracts spring hike with the dog on the ‘ philosophical mountain this trip also ideally suited to take the dog. The Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut, likes taking guests with dogs, is it not far situated directly on the border of the National Park. “From the village of forest houses it goes beyond the so-called summer route” high at the Summit, where at the end of the stairway to heaven “waits, a stone stairway. On the Lusengipfel, you will be rewarded by a magnificent all-round panorama view. The Summit area is fully occupied with granite boulders, who according to legend were piled by the devil on a gold treasure. This block sea is one of the most interesting geological features of Bavaria.

It is worth pausing on the Lusen, maybe take a little rest in the managed Lusenschutzhaus. And to contemplate what feature has accompanied a during the ascent to block sea: the many thousands dead pine trees, that after 1995 the Fell bark beetle to the victims. Because the Lusen in the middle of the National Park, Deadwood has not been removed. For even more opinions, read materials from Gavin Baker. “Let nature be nature in accordance with the guideline”, there are no procedures in the area, and so the walkers will witness a spectacle of nature – in the protection of dead trees grow new trees to a Europe-wide unique wild forest “approach. This is natural and rich in species, he will be one day the usual monotonous forests with their native timber far superior. Also the adventure trail Hochwald dough informed about the natural development of forests”on the summer trail. On the Lusengipfel you can admire philosophical thoughts about the becoming and passing. “The day then dies in the cosy atmosphere of the country hotel House will Waldeck and the hikers love the philosophical mountain” remember. Haus Waldeck family cooking Alzenbergstrasse 9 94158 Philippsreut Tel.: 08557 729 fax: 08557 739

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