Hogar Structure

Posted June 2nd, 2019 by Suzy

It is this Valparaiso, which starts out shyly nostril in this window of the crisis, and not striking if not of those who still leave room to amaze us of others, this last word that is used for secular purposes but not everyday. That bah!, the neighbor does not exist, and what sells in this case not serves me, without even guess that this Aladdin Bazaar, is an implied irony, a message from the devil even, to redeem us, and join the army of los angeles fallen, as showing us that the battle!! It is lost, if he exist and its counterpart vale callampa, by of unjust distribution of income. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Neal Barnard, another great source of information. But not to be all day Monday, two things, type mathematical formula one, at the exit of the building, where both a fund-raiser of the Hogar de Cristo, suffers, is approaching a parliamentary and reminds him of his monthly pence, and good that you’ve located him tells you, when sees it running out, if it would have not raised in vain to his Office, and this and the other, to remind you that one percent with which he matriculated every 30 days, and he tells her at the end…-the check is done, raise and removed my Secretariat and when I approached him journalistically the recorder as remarkably almost note hits me with the look, to finish me off on the floor with a:…But how it will publish that.!!!your left hand does not know what makes the rightIt’s simple, and I realize almost of face to face against the solid structure of a pillar of the ubiquitous structure Congressman, designed by Modesto Collado, not for shame I spent, if not think because there is still in this hedonistic fauna a copy like that, and from far away, guess an aura that surrounds the record do not say who is, to that Party belongsis place in the Hemicycle, that football team likes and has attended many sessions leave it there no more, and. two this morning I arrives by the mail, a beautiful chain showing me like 100 photos of the beautiful which are the chrysanthemums in Germany that reached to throw into spam, and not because bring viruses, if not because the virus is here, and these chrysanthemums are not antibody, if not simply a mockery. a simple mockery for Aladdin!.!

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