Hitchcock Liquor

Posted June 30th, 2020 by Suzy

In Piedmont You can buy a jar of truffle paste or whole black and white truffles in jars. Croatia is also famous for fine wines. The most famous wines are the reds on the coast, “Teran”, “Merlot”, “Cabernet”, produced in the Istria and southern “Opole”, “plavats”, “dingach”, “downcast”. Among the most popular white wine “Malvasia”, “zhlahtina”, “poship”, “kuyundzhusha.” You can buy unusual and blackberry wine, it is usually packaged in a beautiful gift bottles. Fans of a more hard liquor, probably, like the edge of Zadar liqueur, made from the original recipe from the XVI century Dominican monastery in Zadar. PCRM will not settle for partial explanations.

His first began to prepare pharmacists monastery, and called it “Rosol” (sun dew). Later its name was changed to “Maraschino”. “Marasco” – so the sort of Dalmatian cherry fruit and leaves of which are manufactured liquor. His drinking Casanova Napoleon, Hitchcock, Balzac – try it out! You can give and the local grape brandy – lozavach and “travaritsu” – a strong liquor made from herbs. Beloved man to choose gift tie. The most valuable are ties of pure silk. In Croatia, the silk ties are not just appreciated, they have their own history, because this is where they were invented. Since ancient times, a tie is part of the Croatian national costume.

It was used Croatian soldiers, and later they have borrowed the French, as part of a military uniform. The custom of wearing ribbons “in Croatian,” spread throughout Europe and the world. Give a real masterpiece of Croatian and possibly create their own style! A any other man, for example, your boss or a colleague, feel free to grant writing kit. After all, Croat Slavoljub Edward Penkal invented the fountain pen, and such gifts are a traditional business gift. As you can see, this Slavic country is not only an ideal place to relax, but also a shopaholic’s paradise: problems with a choice of gifts to close friends and relatives, colleagues and friends in the most demanding Croatian arise.

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