History Of India

Posted June 8th, 2011 by Suzy

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Until the middle of the iii millennium bc in India has evolved civilization Dravidians. In the period from 2500 to 1500 bc India was conquered by the Indo-Aryan tribes. In viii century, India became enter Islam. Muslim rule lasted until 1398, when the country came to the army of Tamerlane. In 1526, a descendant of Tamerlane, Babur conquered practically the whole of India and founded the Mughal Empire, which lasted until 1857 Complete political leadership has passed to the uk in 1828-1835, and in 1857 India had become virtually a protectorate of Britain. August 15, 1947 India gained independence, but was divided into two parts of the country India and Pakistan.

January 26, 1950 India was declared a democratic republic. Polity – a federal republic. Indians proudly call themselves the largest democracy in the world. Head of state is the president, in performing mainly representative functions. The republic has 6 national parties, 37 state parties, but only registered more than 300. The Government headed by Prime Minister. Secular culture of India kk , India prospects Critical and careful analysis of the processes that took place over more than two thousand years of history of India, reveals that at intervals of every three hundred years in the country was conceived a powerful movement, not frontiers caste, ethnic and religious barriers, which gradually turned into a religious movement with an emphasis on social reforms, bringing in up rich political Self-Profiting. When Buddhism rose above the ruins of Brahmanism in the sixth century bc, it seemed that last forever disappear from the life of India.

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