Posted August 17th, 2015 by Suzy

Now living in the Caucasus many tribes and nations, and in olden times they were not so much. They lived freely, like birds, but not those who are favored and are proud eagles take to the skies, the snowy peaks, not wanting to be dependent on anybody. Lived like gods themselves, their clans. Tribal ties are stronger than granite, and the kind of loyalty was valued more than life. Give her tribesmen revered even his duty, and honor. Cohesion, self-sacrifice, iron discipline, courage – traits soldiers sodium, and only because of their race survived. They respect their neighbors.

There were, of course, disputes, but they tried to resolve peacefully. Infighting bled tribes, and some disappeared altogether. The chiefs and elders were aware of the disastrous consequences of war, and therefore agreed only in extreme cases to resolve disputes by single combat fighters. Tribe exhibited very strong brave in duel: whose brave lost – his tribe filmed their demands and agrees to the terms of the winners. That's how they lived and were reconciled.

When approaching the Caucasus big trouble – the invasion of hordes of invaders, the tribes were united in one community, and called themselves the Caucasus. This alliance was strong, like a gray double-headed Caucasus (Elbrus). Highlanders immediately after winning rashodlis on their lands, the Caucasus came peace. But not for long shattered enemy retreated, licking wounds, like an animal, gathered even greater force and invaded again, but was again a bit. Then the aliens realize that the force does not overcome the Highlanders, and began to think about how their perehetrit. Perilous enemies did not take, they decided to send against each tribe the small band of soldiers and cut off roads to the tribes did not have time to unite. Basically the same forces, dark warriors to attack one tribe, the tribe Narts which always heads the united tribes.

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