Hannes Jaenicke

Posted September 20th, 2018 by Suzy

The representatives and representatives of the Organizations UNEP/CMS, friends printing partner of CMS e.V., Berggorilla & rainforest Direkthilfe e.V., AGA (action community conservation e.V.), FZS (Zoological Society of Frankfurt e.V.), the company printing and publishing house GmbH in Essen, the advertising agency Tip4 GmbH, Rheinbach, Germany as well as the actor and filmmaker Hannes Jaenicke as patron of the conservation calendar advertise for one thing: the protection of species. “Conservation conservation is climate protection”, says Andreas Klotz. As it should be, one makes the present most clear example of slash and burn: where the forests disappear, the living animals disappear, the smoke of fires causes respiratory diseases, and a rain forest that is reduced to 80% changed the climate. We do not want gorillas and gazelles on the menu! Report the livestock protection dogs in Namibia for a Cheetah-friendly livestock from protection many interesting projects on which they work by negotiations at the political level, by the census at the gorillas, the nature and protectors of type of the sea turtles, from a Bush meat lab, which is currently built in Kenya by supporting the Rangers and their facilities. From poaching also of orang-utans, land acquisitions for the protection of the forest or movies that show how large-scale Woods intentionally wrong be labelled. They are a concern, with enormous commitment and many of them volunteers keep track of all. Species and nature conservation can inspire, especially, when you see success.

A step to support the organizations and their work is the new conservation calendar 2012. this calendar is so impressively beautiful and high quality. He should hang in every doctor’s Office and in any tax office”, said Hannes Jaenicke, which certainly has an eye for it as a documentary filmmaker. Everyone can contribute to biodiversity conservation and we want to have 365 days of pleasure with our commitment and with this calendar, whose Erlose completely in the protection of species flow, inform and even entertain,”says Andreas Klotz We want to show the Rheinbach Werbeagentur Tip4 GmbH. together with the printer printing partner from eating these animals can be as beautiful, impressive, majestic and a calendar made of paper can be as wonderful and even sensual. We want as many people to this calendar to have joy and ultimately automatically support the protection of species. So that our children can enjoy the nature and biodiversity.” The conclusion of the nearly two-hour event is: anyone can contribute to biodiversity conservation, he must travel to Africa, South America or Asia.

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