Great Acts Life

Posted January 30th, 2013 by Suzy

The love understood from the enamoramiento is a feeling allows that us united to the other of a special way, to be enamored is to feel that we are part of the life of somebody and that we are significant and we are full of acceptance and joy in the life. To count on a relation of pair, pair, in which both members of the pair count on their own personality, and in addition enriches the life of the other, is a sensation of inner liberation and to be to tone with the life. The life in pair is a decision, is an election that is taken in the day to day, is an option of life that we confused when it with the possession, with the dependency and with the suffering, is a pain source that does not stop to bleed the soul and the entrails. To understand the love like possession to love is a style of infantile affective life, in which we create and we thought, that my pair is mine, who cannot have thoughts, feelings, I interest nor opinions own. On the contrary, their yearnings must agree with mine, their times also and his quereres only must be for pair.

In these possessive loves the control and the power take a very special place in the relation from pair. It does not interest what happens to you, the unique thing that matters to me is that you are in this house to the hour that I say, you leave with whom I consider advisable and in addition that seen you as it seems to me. Therefore, if not it beams, you are going to receive a good emotional reprimand. These emotional regaos can pass from the indifference to the blows in the soul or the ominous and full silencios of resentment. The fault and the blackmail are not let hope.

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