Goodyear Winter

Posted December 22nd, 2012 by Suzy

It is because of the price, the Finns do not reach the Gislaved, although in contrast to the Swedish company, the range Nokian much more diverse: both shipovanye neshipovanye and tires. Sales leader in the line of Nokian this year was Winter tire model shipovanyh Hakkapeliitta-4, succeeding an outdated model Hakkapeliitta-2, which, however, has remained in sales. The latest publicized bus Hakkapeliitta-5 in this year was not fired despite the fact that the phrase "bear claw "imprinted in the minds of every motorist in the century thanks to a formidable advertising campaign. The reason for that – limited delivery of these tires in Russia, as well as a very biting price: HKPL-5 at 20-25% more expensive than the already not cheap HKPL-4. At the same time tread HKPL-5 is very similar to HKPL-4 and to distinguish them can only put two tires side by side. But again there is no difference, why pay more? Apparently the slogan of annoying advertising and guided by the majority of motorists.

But the good results showed the tire Nokian Hakkapeliitta RSi – studless winter tire, which is represented on the Russian market for years. Prior to that she enjoyed limited demand, but this year, probably due to abnormally warm the first two months of winter, non-studded tires, including the RSi, have sold much better. The third place among brands of winter tires in the Michelin. This year, the French brand has introduced a new model of non-studded winter tires Michelin Alpin A3. Certainly not a bad tire was in demand and sold just as good until proven model of Michelin X-Ice. But the undisputed leader in sales of tires Michelin remains studded model Michelin X-Ice North. By the way, in Russia bus Michelin are a very strong support from the French car manufacturers: Almost all the dealers of French car brands prefer to buy the winter tires is the Michelin.

Therefore, most owners of Peugeot, Citroen and Renault on the go Tire Michelin. For the fourth a fierce struggle. Until now, this place is surely occupied bus Goodyear, but the winter range of this company there is only one bus adapted to Russian realities: Goodyear Ultra Grip 500. The only drawback of this tire is its age. For several years she was the flagship of the winter range Goodyear. I would like something new, but so far the news from the flank Goodyear does not smell. Therefore, Goodyear began its long occupied by pododvigat place brands such as Bridgestone, Toyo, Kleber and a whole bunch of brands from the Far East – Korean and Chinese brands that are far behind in quality Goodyear strongly ahead in terms of its price, and as we know the price – a decisive factor for the Russian motorist. Further description of the winter rating of sales does not make much sense, because it messed up a lot of winter tires and tearing them to the limits of statistical error, so the rating is simply losing their objectivity. The conclusion one: market relations has not been canceled, and ahead of sales go to those firms that introduce innovations in their products and do not hesitate to carry out large-scale advertising campaigns. As Henry Ford used to say "Better a good machine – just a new car." It seems that the same principle is inherent and tires.

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