Gomes City

Posted January 17th, 2013 by Suzy

The City has this name in homage to the action of a head of an aboriginal tribe: the great warrior ' ' Tabira' '. In the place of the same one, it appeared in 1865, a property farm Mr. Gonalo Gomes, this for its initiative created a small fair for its inhabitants appearing of this time the population of the called place ' ' Madeira' ' , that later the people it passed calls-there ' ' I touch of Gonalo Gomes' ' in virtue to have in the way of the fair a small one I touch where the feirantes cut the parts of meat for the public sales. This exactly Sir donated to the patrimony of Ours Lady of the Remedies has broken of its property, exactly the one that forms the urban perimeter of the current city of Tabira, having in its homage the main square with its name. In referring administrative division to the year of 1911, figure in the city of Ingazeira the district of Espirito Santo. In the year of 1933, the district of Espirito Santo, appears in the city of Drowned of the former Ingazeira Ingazeira.Em the organization administrative of 1936, 1937 and 1938, the district of Spirit Saint started to call Tabira.

It was raised to the category of city with the denomination of Tabira in 1948, desmembrado of Drowned of the Ingazeira. Headquarters in the old district of Tabira. Constituted of 4 districts: Tabira, Ingazeira, former-Tup Solido and Tuparetama. In 1950, the city was constituted of 4 districts: Tabira Ingazeira, Solido and Tuparetama, thus remaining in territorial division of 1960. Desmembra of the city of Tabira the distrtios of Tuparetama and Ingazeira, to form the new city of Tuparetama, being that in 1963, desmembra of the Tabira city the district of Solitude, raised to the category of city. In the year of 1968, the city is constituted of the district headquarters, being thus in territorial division of 2005.

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