Posted June 30th, 2015 by Suzy

Little about the military-style clothing. The most common things that have fallen out of the army so to speak "on the citizen": camouflage jackets, high boots, vests are worn with pleasure by both sexes. At all times the armor did not play purely practical significance. Among other things, they stressed the wealth and gentility of a warrior. Cuirass, elbow pads and knee pads decorated with exquisite embossed, gold and precious stones. A helmet soldiers were crowned with a plume of colorful feathers. You can argue about this, that all that is needed is taken from those times and safely used, the rest is discarded as useless. But do not hurry.

If you take a closer look, and give free rein to the imagination in the garb of ancient warriors can find many interesting things. For example, the knee from a rough metal shield can be transformed into quite a lovely little thing. This may be gold plated costume jewelry, or simply drawing on the tights and stockings (such a thing made of gold would be expensive and too heavy). Another example is already in our era. Coat of military cut, and picks. You can add and gloves. The result was pretty Kate, which is especially nice to meet at the safe house.

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