Germany Seeking Donors

Posted January 26th, 2021 by Suzy

Help at the start in Munich schools! Munich. “In the school year 2009/2010 the German life bridge within their project KidAiD against child poverty in Germany launches” the Breakfast Club action “at an elementary school in the Munich North, in a district with many socially weak families. Rumbling stomach, learning is difficult, hunger absorbs the attention. And yet almost a third goes the between six and 14 years old in the school without having breakfast. In poor families, even half of the children makes morning hungry on the way. Studies of the Research Institute of child nutrition in Dortmund showed this. According to the scholars breakfast and snack should cover one-third of the daily energy needs. The necessary energy is missing the children without breakfast and snack.

They are not grown therefore the high requirements of the school. With the action of Breakfast Club”, the German life bridge wants to give needy children a healthy breakfast. To do this includes full value sandwiches, a drink and some fruit. So, the day can begin with new vigor. Help us! As a company, group or individual can become a sponsor! But even small donations help! The Breakfast Club action”is funded by donations. Each breakfast costs 1.75, which makes for 20 school days in the monthly 35 per child. The Breakfast Club required to provide 40 children in the month on each school day with a healthy breakfast,”monthly 1.400 German life bridge e.V. Dresdner Bank account: 3456 90 000 BLZ: 700 800 00 keyword: Breakfast Club contact: Patricia Annunziata German life bridge e.V. Dachauer Strasse 278 80992 Munich

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