Gaius The Dictator Of Egypt Remains Of Libya

Posted February 6th, 2021 by Suzy

As we have said it makes some days later that early Egypt Mubarak’s dictator would fall. Now a task nothing comes easy, that is for the people to decide his successor. Currently the country governs it a military junta which must call elections transparent and clean so that there is a transition pacifica and Egypt can wake up 30 years of delay and frustration. Learn more about this with Pancreatic Cancer Action. Now we see how they increase protests in Libya; a nation of North Africa with an immense wealth of oil; but that only it has enjoyed Bessinger, his family and his advisers, while the majority of the people living in terrible conditions. The majority of the international community has removed support Bessinger dictator that for 40 years has been handled at will the country without holding elections and with a total power of the and its children. Why no sera facil lie it since all his seven children have them handling the bodies more important power as the army, the intelligence agencies, oil companies, etc. Bessinger dictator wants to cling to blood and fire power, but the people must continue to fight and the Nations United must apply severe penalties to prevent the shedding of blood of so many innocent people to follow.

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