Posted August 21st, 2020 by Suzy

These are people who just use you. To do this, hold you close. A true friend is disinterested. Divide your friends into categories: Flatterers People who want to maintain a good relationship with you. These people never openly express your opinion. These people are all the "dirt" on you express for your back.

Try their secrets in this "friends" not to extradite. Debtors is a special kind of "friends." These people nepriznatelny. At first, it will be possible, they must "use" you. Such people are accustomed to ask for anything: a favor and on services for help and God knows what. Go to CBC for more information. Such people appear in front of you miserable, and always unhappy with your concern for them, with their accusations they can not speak directly to you. People who once you have insulted or humiliated, too, lay claim to the nomination in the "Debtors". After all, these people will always harbors resentment for you.

"Debtors" are not worthy to be your friends. Try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Friends, enemies, these "friends" do not cause harm on purpose. It is hypocrisy. They never go to a public showdown. Any dirty trick they are doing for your benefit. Rasstantes with these friends as soon as possible. These enemies, friends, friends you always "pin up" offensive jokes and allusions. Do you need such friends? Solve it once, do not hesitate to "indefinitely." If you're touchy admire all the time so a friend, he will turn the mountain for you.

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