French Revolution

Posted February 5th, 2021 by Suzy

Have you ever wondered who came up with invent bottles or containers that fill our pantry and are something very common? The story begins with the French Revolution and a prize in cash for a lucky. The French newspaper Le Monde, which in those times was linked to the Government, at the beginning of the French Revolution offered a prize of 12,000 francs in cash who invented a cheap and very effective method to preserve food in large quantities, since they needed to feed large armies. Food preservation became a necessity to feed the army members without that they enfermasen. Nicolas Apper in 1810 invented a system for sealing food to the empty, inside glass jars. Glass containers were not the best choice since they were difficult to transport due to the fact that they were very fragile. Over time they began to develop different ideas until the invention of plastic bottles and other resistant materials.

Now No to worry because our product arrives to its destination, because the bottling process has become something very effective and modern. Today the bottling is able to be operated with ease due to their semi-automatic system. Bottling machines have become an essential part in any company with the need to preserve products.

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