French Gothic

Posted February 4th, 2016 by Suzy

To remember… In the year 1350 is acaaron the facade, the side chapels and the walls, although in 1379 scaffolds and stones burned suffered serious damage. Finally, on 3 November 1383 the last part of the vault was placed and the first mass was celebrated on August 15 of the following year. Unfortunately, in the year 1428 there was an earthquake that caused the collapse of the rosette and also some deaths. On the other hand, added during the following centuries most of the images and the Baroque altar were burned during the sad fire of the temple caused by communists and anarchists on 3 and 4 August 1936. <! @page margin: 0. 79in P margin-bottom: 0. 08in a: link so-language: zxx > a peculiar style austerity is the main characteristic of the style of this church, since it is characterized by its smooth walls; octagonal columns clean, since nerves end up at the level of capitals instead of reaching Earth; arches of the side naves and the plant that start of the same lump, which give a greater impression of general austerity ships equal is even more evident on the sides, formed by a flat wall without decoration.

Without a doubt, is it far from the conception of the gracilidad of the French Gothic buttresses, which were never an item featured in the catalan Gothic style and here have disappeared completely. <! @page margin: 0. 79in P margin-bottom: 0. 08in > a basilica x something very peculiar parishioners of this temple is that the drivers of the temple, that made possible their construction either with their money or their work, unlike much of churches of the time, dedicated to the upper classes belonged, exclusively, to the parishioners of the port and Barceloneta area,. In the construction he participated the entire population of la Ribera, especially dischargers of the wharf, called galafates from the Bank or bastaixos, which carried enormous stones destined for the construction of the Church from the quarry Real de Montjuic and from the beaches, where were the ships that had brought them to Barcelona, to Puerta del Borne square, carrying them on their backs, one by one. Thus, there is a small tribute at the front door, as we see in the image below. Original author and source of the article.

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