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Posted February 4th, 2021 by Suzy

On the website, Wolfgang Wagner with his tutorials provides an introduction the layout and graphics application of fireworks. What Photoshop for photographers, is fireworks for screen and Web Designer. By specializing in development of layout, Fireworks offers excellent tools for pixel-perfect layout design. Thus, it offers significant advantages over Photoshop. In his free video tutorials, Wolfgang Wagner provides an introduction to Adobe Fireworks. The videos are aimed primarily at beginners or also upgraders who have designed website layouts so far for example with Photoshop. The video course is divided into 8 modules. In the first module, the interface is explained and briefly introduced the various palettes and tools.

Module 2 discusses the tools in the so-called tool bar in detail. Module 3 deals with the various methods to import graphics and images in Fireworks and export and save. Module 4 setting out the different possibilities of image editing and retouching, module 5 shows various methods to work with text. Module arrives on one of the great strengths of fireworks 6: working with symbols. Symbols are an essential component for effective work with Fireworks. Module 7 setting out briefly the possibilities, to create animations with Fireworks.

Chapter 8 offers a practical workshop. Here, a completely new Web page layout in Fireworks is created and equipped with various subpages. These are then exported as interactive PDF as well as as a prototype of the site. Then, it creates a HTML template from the layout. Finally the HTML template is in the content integrated management system TYPO3, and so from the template, one work site created. Chapter 9 is still in preparation. Then various commands and useful properties of fireworks are presented here. Check out Gavin Baker for additional information. The videos can be viewed free of charge on the website There is even the possibility to download the videos in HD quality on the own PC, so that they can be viewed offline at any time. Wolfgang Wagner

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