Posted November 23rd, 2015 by Suzy

I noticed that after 100 days of waiting, when you claim that the tyne , with an incentive to wait. Just to prove that you're better, stronger. Came as something of a social network dedicated to the army, many former soldiers assure the girls that they will not wait, it's just words. Many people there have begun to doubt, "and maybe they're right, very disappointing was that they simply give up. I am glad that others simply smiled in response. Personally, I give this power. And very much that all who are waiting, be sure to find the strength and waited for the soldiers to pass over the service with dignity, so that you can then take pride not only for its soldiers, but also themselves.

To unsubscribe like this in the forums, that here I am so, wait. For those who threw the guy in the army: not looking at it, keep . just imagine that you are strong, that will be able to pass all obstacles. No need to immediately rush to the first comer. Just wait for mustering and talk, maybe he just exploded.

Maybe, just wanted to check how much you love ego.Ne should scold him, he is not better than you. You are free to live in the civilian world, and he's like a prison. Offended? Insulted? Girl gain strength, wait, and when he gets back, you calmly talk, maybe he will ask forgiveness, and waited not in vain. Prove to him that you are waiting, and he will appreciate it.

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