Form Alliances

Posted December 20th, 2017 by Suzy

Dont be afraid to make alliances. There are businesses that have an established clientele for years. Look for them and establishes strategic alliances. Their credibility will be forwarded to your business. Be kind to Enamors customers with exceptional service. Before, during and AFTER the sale. They will tell others and credibility will be broadcast without advertising costs. 5. Public speaking Public speaking is the guaranteed way to position yourself as an expert in front of your customers potential. For starters, it provides a lecture to non-profit organizations aimed at your market. When you begin to talk, burn audio and distribute them to your current or potential customers or send them by e-mail notifications.

All businesses must find ways of speaking in public. 6. Write articles Your competitor is advertised in the yellow pages. Your article comes out in magazines and newspapers. Who will believe more? That happened when he left my article in Entrepreneur magazine in Spanish and most read newspaper in Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Dia Became customers to 67% of people who called me! 7. Play your flute Have you got 10 years on the market? Did you get a thousand customers? “Unionist forces with an organization? Play your flute and spread the word. This adds credibility to your business. 8. Join a cause People connect with similar people. I connect with my friend because we both like to go to archangel. And connect with organizations that help children and women victims of abuse. Unite your business to a cause and hazel know your customers and prospects.

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