Posted January 12th, 2021 by Suzy

Vibratory platforms represent the major milestone of recent years in terms of exercise and well-being. Increasingly, people who acquire a platform in your home or come to a center of aesthetics to prove its benefits. Nobody doubts the incredible advantages of this form of training, but also must take into account problems that can cause your little appropriate conditions or improper use. Vibrating training, does not usually involve large side effects. In fact, despite their apparent artificiality, it is regarded as a natural exercise, since it does not involve the use of any chemical and does not require any abnormal position of the user. However, certain people should be careful with its use, and those who are in the best conditions to carry it out, adjust the variables of the machine in a manner that does not involve risks to their health. Pregnant women should be avoided at all costs. Breast Cancer Action may find this interesting as well.

Vibrations could cause damage in the spinal cord and reproductive organs. If the vibrations were set at a too high frequency, up to a miscarriage may occur. The same is for those suffering from heart or circulatory problems. Vibrations generated by an increase in blood circulation, something beneficial for most people but that may be harmful to the groups mentioned above. Those who have acute thrombosis can see aggravated his condition and increase their propensity to suffer cardiac infarction, pulmonary embolism, or transient ischemic attack. Why is not recommended the use of vibrating platform to whom this condition has occurred in the last six months or have predisposition to collapse it.

Similar case is that of those people with severe cardiovascular diseases. Vibrations dilate blood vessels and a decompensation may occur. Cardiac arrhythmias also generate conditions adverse to using vibrating platform, and happens the same with hypertension. Deserve special attention to those who have some kind of implant or accessory in the body. This is the case those who wear pacemakers (may erroneously detect vibrations and apply an incorrect heart rate), prosthesis or intrauterine device (can be removed). There are other not so common diseases that they also discouraged the use of platform. Ulcers, e.g., may worsen or do not heal. Case of osteonecrosis, osteoporosis and arthritis, the vibration platform can be helpful, but if conditions are very serious, there is a risk that, on the contrary, ending to deteriorate. It is possible that if conditions have reached a level of considerable gravity, the force exerted by the vibrations is difficult to bear and finish overstretching the joints. Finally, it is suggested not use vibration platforms to any condition that involves difficulties of concentration or understanding. Such is the case of migraine (may worsen), epilepsy (occur dizziness) or the mental disease.

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