First Opensource Library

Posted October 19th, 2020 by Suzy

The new offerings in the mobile payments, one of the most successful mobile payment provider in Russia as well as abroad, the project SmsCoin, expanded his business, follows new trends and offers ready solutions for business optimization and profit boost to its partners. For assistance, try visiting BC Ministry of Health. Such an innovation is the mobile payment library for Android software. Dmitri Poljanowski, engineering Chief of SmsCoin project: the app development is currently a popular trend in the IT market. So we have decided also to contribute in this area and to create your own application. SmsCoin developers have chosen mobile payment system for two reasons. For even more details, read what Childrens Defense Fund says on the issue. First of all, we work in the area of electronic payments and of course strive to develop our provided services.

Secondly, the traditional way of selling products or services must impress nowadays anyone, and app developers prefer the freemium business model, where a customer base version of a program or offer gets for free, but for more Services and facilities a will be charged. The proprietary library is suited perfectly for this app sales model, and more for model of selling the app options via in-app payments. The work principle of the library is very simple. Their integration additional button is built into the app. When a user taps the button, he will be redirected to payment window.

The user initiates the automatic sending of SMS to a short number. Under the condition that the payment was successful, the mobile phone receives notice that registers the application. Then the ordered service is enabled. The mobile-payment library is unique in that it is the first offer of this kind on the Russian market. It should be noted that similar solutions already exist in the foreign sector, but the alternative stands out favorably from SmsCoin, especially due to the fact that the offered library absolutely free and open source under BSD license. More information and Web link to download from Mobile payment library can be found here: About the project: The project Smscoin deals with payments via SMS 5 years. Currently, SmsCoin provides premium SMS services in over 90 countries around the world. SmsCoin are connected to thousands of projects. Dozens of unique scripts were developed, millions of SMS messages processed. Today, 25 highly skilled specialists from various fields working on the project. SmsCoin customers include such projects as:,,, Alawar games, HeroCraft, and many others. SmsCoin is not satisfied with the achievements and surprised its customers and competitors continue with unique ideas and innovative approaches to their implementation.

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