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Posted December 14th, 2020 by Suzy

It extends the idea to write a new preface for the Pedagogia of the oppressed one, retook readings and Robson Ricardo is Professor Doctor of the UFU (Federal University of Uberlndia and the ONE) Intensified the dialogue with us educators aunts, uncles or not. With however sufficient force in the task to teach, its peculiarities and its requirements, passing for the physicist, emotional, affective and intellectual, making loving analyses of the narrow requirement between scientific and professional capacity and its emotional interface. The professional depreciation, of the existing morning the call ' ' tia' ' , its low wages and its crooked professional identification, making a practical evaluation of the pedagogical one of this professional. Pablo with its pedagogical formation socialist marxist historically goes if revisiting passing for gnese social of the psiquismo and empties in the social conscience of the necessity and the valorativa importance of the other, inside of one practical one of collective criticidade, in favor of less the most favored, to learn to read the reality, to know it stops at the following moment, to be able to rewrite this reality and to transform it. First Letter (To teach? to learn Reading of the world? reading of the word), Pablo initiates a reflection/action between learning and teaching, a releitura in its walked administrative, dealing wooden sufficiently direct and now bureaucratic with the base of the education of a country that is basic education and its personages, its gears, its dialectics, but amorosidade of the o tone of the responsibility of this commitment bureaucratic technician and, appealing to the previous moment in the trajectory of the book, I cite Pablo, making a register of the adversities and at the same time of the consistency of the ideological formations: The risk or error today, to run it, is where, astonished with what it comes occurring from the changes in the former Soviet Union, however they reactivate the fear to the freedom, the anger of the democracy, however if delivers apticas to the myth of the excellency of the capitalism thus accepting, contradictorily, that the campaigns politics are not ideological. .

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