Every Day, 24,000 Children To Nowhere

Posted February 3rd, 2021 by Suzy

Every day 24,000 children die to nothing – renewable cash September 7, 2010 UNICEF raises an alarm. Poverty costs every day 24,000 children life. They die from nowhere, where they do not have what. Progress towards the Millennium development goals and its implementation is increasingly at risk. A note in the teletext and a few classified ads in the media was everything, let us know. Would have been 3 German NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, all TV news and leaves, as well as talks, had been paved to and all politicians had intruded up formally the cameras. If already 24,000 dead children are interested in. Breast Cancer Action gathered all the information. My God, who we are, what we actually do, and where are we going? You can not believe it, because a few people want to achieve a goal and get serious about thoughts. In what world we live actually, makes such macabre destinations. Any reasonably normal person knows perfectly well that such a worldwide problem not can solve donations a few cents. Trillions of dollars would be every year, and again needed. How can one only such smear a list construct, in the belief that only way to have success and thus to help. The adults and the war dead were simply sidelined daily in this 24,000 dead children, here there is no Millennium plan. These people all die supply, epidemics, and the last of hunger worse medical weapons. It is likely no end, the daily death rate is increasing daily. Yes, nobody does what and I include myself here. Would be better if we would even ask the question, how can you actually help, what can you do? No, these are not questions. We see only the number consisting of digits, just a number, and not infinite suffering, hiding behind that number. We are indifferent, unmoved and not addressed. Yes, it affects us, but others and maybe not there at all.

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