Posted February 26th, 2012 by Suzy

To build a wooden box, you can begin immediately after production profile. However, the assembly consists of many processes, it like putty, sanding and applying special coatings that keep the wood from environmental factors. It takes time, but the quality should come first. High Eurowindows maybe only if you follow all the rules. So, before you mount the fixture, the profile should be completely dry on the paint. Finally, you insert already finished frame with glass doors, securing them with specials. anchor bolts. After completion of all work finished window should pass strict quality control, and if in consequence of a sudden be found minor flaws, they will certainly eliminated.

Then, when quality control is finished, the design window is sent to the warehouse where she was waiting for when it will carry on the installation. There are two key methods of mounting European windows made of wood. The first is due to drilling window box. At the same time removed all the windows and doors. This method leaves traces on the outside of the window, which affects the appearance of the window opening. The next way is to use so called the anchor plates – the elements for fixing the window. These anchor plates are mounted around the perimeter of the window that you can not disassemble into its component parts during assembly and machining.

In this regard, external characteristic of wood windows is preserved. Then, when the window openings are ready for follow-up and mounting method chosen, it is necessary to fix a window box in the right window opening, moreover, do so as Precise and even that it was placed vertically. In order for the window was in the right position, you need to fix it at the bottom of the frame at an angle with the support pads. During the installation of wooden windows with different pads should always be borne in mind that the design can expand with temperature changes. Once the window is fixed permanently, all pads or wooden blocks are extracted. Instead, they are still gaps that necessarily have to be shut. This is done with different materials sealants – such as a cork or a special wool, but today more relevant use foam. It should be noted that the euro windows of wood should have on its outer side grooves that promote a better adhesion to the window opening when using foam. Quality wooden euro-windows should be supplemented with quality materials that used for their installation. If materials are not of high quality, life windows significantly reduced. Protect windows from the outside and exhausting – an integral part of good windows. Service your wooden euro-windows depends on workers who assemble them. After all, quality of the installation – a guarantee of durability and a superb view of windows. Installation work should be entrusted only to those who know what to do. Wooden euro-windows mounted with difference from the plastic. They have a lot of features that should be considered. For example, weather conditions or window structure.

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