Posted September 7th, 2020 by Suzy

But there have also been negative memories affecting us, but We were also taught and was invited to be more attentive when an encounter occurs. About the encounter provides us with Facundo Cabral deem, who are born to find us: find us to confirm that humanity is one family and live in a country called Earth. Life is the art of the meeting we are children of love, therefore we are born for happiness out of the happiness they are all excuses – and we must be happy also for our children, because there is nothing better than to remember happy parents. There are so many things to enjoy and our time on Earth is so short, that suffering is a waste of time. Moreover, the universe is always willing to please us, why we are surrounded by good news. Every morning is good news. Every child who is born is good news, every singer is good news, because every singer is one less soldier, why you have that take care of that does not sing, because something lurks. Finally, we recall the poem of farewell LA farewell tea say goodbye Jose Angel Buesa where there are encounters, emotions, memories, and perhaps I love you still.

I may not forget you, but I say goodbye. I don’t know if you wanted me do not know whether you wanted to or perhaps we too wanted the two. This sad, and passionate, and crazy, love me I planted in the soul para quererte a ti. I don’t know if I loved you much do not know if I loved little; but I do know that I’ll never love this way again. I have your smile asleep in my memory and heart tells me that I’ll not forget; but left me alone, knowing that you lose, perhaps begin to love you like I never loved you. I say goodbye, and perhaps, with this farewell, my most beautiful dream dies within me but I say goodbye, for life, although lifelong follow pensando en ti.

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