Emperor Montezuma

Posted May 3rd, 2015 by Suzy

In a city that became the center of the empire flocked tribute from conquered tribes – the food, clothing, armor, jewelry, gold, silver and slaves. Special fascination and mystery of the Aztec culture shows through in every detail of extant monuments of this civilization – from the great pyramids to the drawings on the bark. However, this culture was on the blood flow. Probably will not find in the history of the nation, feeding a passion for the human sacrifices the Aztecs. During major holidays were killed a huge number of prisoners.

Thus, at the solemn consecration of the church god of war in Tenochtitlan in 1486 were sacrificed 20 thousand people, and at the coronation of Emperor Montezuma was the death of 12,000 soldiers captive. It is this custom caused the greatest disgust for the conquistadors who considered a holy deed to destroy the people with such inhuman rituals. Meanwhile, the Aztecs were bloody-mindedness is also due to extremely devout. Generally they were very devout – how great was the role of religion in Aztec life, can be judged from the fact that at the time of arrival of the Spaniards in the empire had more than 40,000 temples. In the largest – 45-meter Great Temple of Tenochtitalane, who labored over the construction of not only adults but children – served about 5,000 priests. The Aztecs had many gods and goddesses, and in honor of each mastered his cult.

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