Educational Foundation

Posted May 23rd, 2017 by Suzy

This serves, in first place, to make guerra’ ‘ Yves Lacoste. From this phrase, I obtained to soon glimpse geographic knowing at the beginning of the course, where a great will to change the most needed the financial and social conditions of took me in that occasion. To each new text that I read the will to move the world if strengthened. At the beginning of the course I had a great difficulty, for the fact not to have attended a course average education regularly and yes to have been proven in a program of the state, that in the present time calls Encceja. issue. I initiated the first semester of the course with the pessimistic thought of that I would not be capable to conclude the semester passing in I discipline them to all and that with this he would complete my superior level in 5 years and not in 3 as was considered. In my mind the fact of I to be deriving of the community of the Itajuru, called place of slum quarter for many and I to have there had a poor infancy, studying in CIEPS, which had to provide a system in integral time, what it finished assisting my mother who worked very to support the house alone. For having been some times menosprezado during my life due to this humble origin, I finished developing certain preconception with the college and it did not believe that it would obtain to attend a course and who will say to conclude the superior level. But for my surprise, never I was discriminated by speaking made a mistake or for my origins, I found in the Educational Foundation of the Region of the Lakes an apparatus of equality and fraternity, where I was envolto of people of high academic and instrumental capacity. With my friends of group and professors I found comfort and freedom to express me, where my surprise stops got many incentives with they encircled that me, and thanks to these incentives I was distinguished in the majority you discipline of them and tests, due to this prominence I had the chance to exert the position of monitor of a group of you discipline thus adding bigger value my formation.

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