Early Development

Posted January 12th, 2014 by Suzy

Nine months of waiting came to an end, and then came the moment when you meet with your babe. I – was born After returning from the hospital, begin a pleasant chores, taking care of the little men. The first month of a big kid of the time asleep, waking only to eat, a little look around and then sleeps. But over time, a pipsqueak increasingly demands attention to him given more time doing it. What kind of toys are needed baby in different periods of development? In the first year of life all kids no matter who the boy or girl, learn to play with rattles, blocks, balls, etc.

The child develops physical shape of objects, learn to produce with a given the subject of different actions. At this age, the kid is not ready to play with imaginative toys such as dolls, cars. Action games such as "machine is going, the doll is asleep" for a child is not acceptable, they will come later, and now the kid studies the impact of one subject to another. Get more background information with materials from Healthy Living. Therefore, parents should not be angry at the kid if he breaks a new expensive car or a doll, he wondered, how did it all arranged. The child loves all take apart, it helps him to know the dependence of shape, size, weight, handle objects in space. Children of the second year of life are beginning to understand the functionality of toys, such as car rides, boat floats, the plane flies, etc. Looking at other children, parents, the child takes over the experience, and learn to operate with a toy.

Important for the baby not look toys, and its functional properties, they attract a variety of toys and expressive in use. Psychologists believe that the idea of the field occurs in a child only three years. And only 6 years provide a clear floor installation, through which boys and girls start to play different games and toys. When choosing toys for your child, do not seek to differentiate them on the floor, and remember that they must not only be exciting and entertaining, Noi should also be developing, should enrich the child's personality. Role playing child begins to develop in the third year of life. Now the child for the game machine can be offered a garage, a road for the doll, crib, furniture. The kid will be interesting to play in these toy items because they can be play scenes from real life. The first games are usually held with the participation of parents, children willingly listen to them and repeat their actions. I would also like to note that at present all the scientists proved that the fine motor skills favorably affect the development of the baby. Therefore, special attention should be given to games in which the fingers of the child involved. Need to buy in the shops expensive kits with games, you can dream up and think own set of amusing. For example, for the very young can make bags of fine cloth, and within each set: buckwheat, peas, beans, millet, etc. Baby will be very interesting, but at the same time useful. For more Senior best option – it is clay, when the baby sculpts he not only develops fine motor skills, but also a fantasy. Also let the child draws more: crayons, paints, crayons. As researchers found children who permanently molded, painted, ie who develop fine motor skills, before beginning to speak, read and write.

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