Posted January 7th, 2021 by Suzy

You can take courage and be comforted. They can handle, because they have gained many experience with anxiety and have a sense of, best all this as their fears, to appease them and to give them a helpful place. They know exactly whether they may need to be more strict with them or be rather gentle and respond. Children have not much experience with their fears and often also the reason eludes them why they are afraid. While the adults can do cause research and due to his experience then come to conclusions can, where the fear comes, the child care is instructed that we it support, to find reasons for his fear and to help change the importance of border around the fear above all around so, that the child with the fear more may live and it off her is blocked and prevented from the life. But what if a child feels not perceived and understood with his fear? Or even worse, what if parents do not perceive the vital needs of their children or identify and therefore create conditions that stress the child or too? The children therefore are afraid, because the conditions are not suitable for children or not age-appropriate, then the parents will get of course hardly an access to your child’s fears, because these are Yes, that isn’t good for them is provided. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Center for Responsible Business. Children alone also that is why keep fears that have such roots of parental ignorance, for themselves, because they want to preserve a good image of the parents. Children feel guilty that they have such fears even more paradoxically in the worst case.

You often make these fears with them. For the child that feels as if it shares his house with a tiger. Tigers are unpredictable wild cats, they break even if they have no hunger at all. You can imagine then determine how these internal sensations, the everyday life of the child. Who Angsterregendes from the outside or not in control, can develop no self-confident sense of equity.

Childish fears show often indirectly through images that create them from the inside out then as a resort. The children are afraid then wolves, witches, ghosts, from gloves, before nightfall, blood, front of bearded men, against sharp objects, Dwarves and Giants or even toads and rats. As a single mother with me complained once rather gruffly and impatient over the fears of their child. Her daughter have a pretty active imagination. Unless awful, what is so everything rhymes together her child. She wonders where it has all these stories and spinning here. She’ve even don’t want to deal with these mortgaged. Again I tell you, there are no witches or you need have no fear before any Dragons and monsters, but the child does not cease to cling, as soon as I’m home to me. So from me she didn’t. Also she cannot fall asleep without me. But when I’m tired from work,. I spend not just the rest of the time in the bed of my daughter. If I do, I fall asleep mostly even and the evening is gone for me.”About my demands, it turns out that the 8 year old girl over long stretches of the day is alone. It looks over hours away and the cross and crosswise, not only when the mother is not there, but even if the mother is and it looks always alone. It absorbs obviously many images and stories in itself, for which it is not yet ready.

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