Death Penalty

Posted January 14th, 2021 by Suzy

The discussion jumps to the light again. The death penalty. Talk and debate politicians Jurists and understood. The people satiate the thirst for revenge of a flawed judicial system. But the Jesuit priest Ignacio Muguiro, wrote an important book about the death penalty in 1992, today has gained force with the launch in debate, by the aprista Government, condemn death to rapists.

Many, rightly, think that it is a smokescreen of a political nature, but as the subject is very sensitive given the horrific cases of rape, has taken protagonism. The author makes a historical approach to the topic and deals with a lucidity and objectivity all the complexity of their dimensions, also doing so with a didactic worthy of taken into account in these moments of debate. Here is his summary: 1 the theological: dimension, which focuses on the issue of the origins of humanity, with the old and New Testament, moral theology and the churches of the 20th century, and concludes that the death penalty is incompatible with the teachings of Christ moral problem but that It implies a personal and posture of conscience against despicable crimes that could warrant the death penalty. 2 Criminological: is tackled by society compatetismo, passion and great emotional burden, the author concludes that aside from being an intimidating, ejemplarizadora Pena and even elation, not justified because you first have to prove that it is a just penalty, since the ethical will more than useful. 3. The legal: approaches from the law of retaliation. The compensatory dimension, the aggressiveness, the vengeful eagerness, retributive and compensatory and after many reasons for and against, the author leaves floated the question does would not be better that who did harm to society repair cooperating positively to the good of society?. 4. The society: tackles this item from the protection of society, of the innocents, of order, accepts that the Peru prisons are corruption, not of rehabilitation or resocialization centres, are brutal and inhuman, and increases the depravity of the ruthless, but concludes by asking the following reflection: eliminate the problems humans, eliminating the man, is an extremely easy and primitive solution that comes from the first exit of the caverns.

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