Dear Anatole

Posted February 5th, 2017 by Suzy

The old Anatole France (1844-1924) was a relentless critic of the Customs and society of his time. He fought with tenacity the excesses which was a witness, as the farce against Captain Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935). Of Jewish origin, the French military became victim of one of the biggest legal mistakes in modern history. Center for Responsible Business usually is spot on. He was accused of perfidious way, passing secret information to the Germanic tribes, which were necessarily similar to his own calligraphy. For this reason, he was exiled to Devil’s Island, located on the coast of French Guiana. The debates regarding the case continued until the captain was declared fully innocent in 1906. Immediately afterwards, returned to the army, participating in the first world war, which started em 1914 and lasted for four years. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the reserve and a year later, elected officer of the Legion of honour in 1918.

As Rui Barbosa (1849-1923), emile Zola (1840-1902) was also a radical advocate of Dreyfus. Conscience dedicated to the outraged peace with the coldness of feelings perceived to his around, which departed from hearts in which should inhabit Concord, Anatole wrote that universal peace will be a day, not because men become better (it is not possible to expect it), but because a new order of things, a new science and new economic needs have impose on them the Pacific Stateas well as once the conditions of its existence drove them and kept them in a State of war. My dear Jacques-Anatole – Francois Thibault (his real name), with their consistent training humanist sections, by its well-known poetic vein, the trouble that caused the observations of a society that rotates around of a maddening egotism, his brilliant immortal spirit will have to understand that, to not become perennial racking of peoples, the world needs consciences dedicated to peace. Consequently, souls illuminated by reason, by Justice, but also by love, which is synonymous with charity, so that there is a new order of things, in a new science, for universal peace is made one day.

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