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Posted July 18th, 2012 by Suzy

Preschools – "magic wand" for most women. But public kindergartens and private nurseries are several fundamental differences that affect the further development pupils. There is no doubt that every parent dreams of a serene and cloudless future for their only child. Unfortunately, we often fail to give the child enough attention, and usually just do not have minimum reserve of experience and patience for the daily education and investment in early child development. Starting kindergarten pedogogi recommend kids from 3 to 5 years. But in fact, adaptation to kindergarten goes more smoothly for kids from 2 to 3 years. Given the early development of children in recent years, should pay particular attention to this. Mom for all children – the "safe island" in another huge world.

Private kindergarten or municipal kindergarten for a child will become an ordeal. The process of adjusting to kindergarten does not flow in one day. In a large group, where one peagog at all, rather difficult to give adequate attention to each pupil. Public kindergartens here not up to par, and private kindergartens win in the eyes of mothers and fathers. Beginner remains face to face with the "shock" of changing environment. Commercial nursery is most attractive: in groups there is usually no more than 10 children. Do not underestimate the value that is allocated to kindergartens in life rebyatni. Early development of communication skills will enable the child later is easier to get used to any unfamiliar environment, and in consequence it will not scare the people he knows.

Children's club or a house of children's creativity will serve as the beginning of the early construction of another small, but the person with their individual abilities and inclinations, her self-determination among the people. Of how well a child will be oriented in behavior, ability to communicate with the team depends on its continued growth and personal harmony. Training children to be sent to kindergarten can begin well in advance: it will be useful to reduce them to "tour" the house of children's art or a club for children. Under this option addictive for kindergarten will be easier for parents and baby. The important fact is that the private kindergarten promotes early detection abilities of children and their development buduyuschemu with tutors, and then teachers. "Secret" personality traits such as independence, tenacity and perseverance on the path to the target, plus the awareness of one's ego begins with a 3-year-olds. Therefore, kindergarten – the most important and challenging period in the personal development. Many non-profit kindergartens are not able to boast of swimming pools and a fully equipped gymnasium. And the bulk of these professionals is to work in commercial nurseries, childcare centers, children's clubs, because the wages there higher, and the bosses, respectively, has the right to demand a greater return and a manifestation of the zeal of employees. Kindergarten State or paid kindergarten for your kids? Choice only for you. Depends on you, with some life experience and prior knowledge, he will step into school, how will sociable, independent, inquisitive, developed mentally and physically. Children's centers, clubs for children, commercial nurseries or public kindergartens – the choice is great. And exclusively from the parents depends how will the foundation laid in the further establishment and development of the child. Urbanist.

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