David Avila Martin

Posted June 5th, 2017 by Suzy

At that entoces all did websites (those who did, very few) with our Front Page that came with Windows, full of animated gifs and frames (that was the solution to entoces user mobility without losing sight of the menu) , of course, there was no flash or firefox, or anything … Today, browsing, by websde serious companies, still be some of those webs, and older model imagenmuy rare. There is still much to be done in web 2.0 design, and I’m sure when we go to 3.0 (if you call them) have websque will have been in 1.0. Sorprendentesi not talking about websites geocities, Lycos, or iespana, although not upgrade in 10 years, the pages are still there, but companies that want to give one seriously.

Funny how the managers of today are very concerned for their image with a client, with his tie, his suit, and his car, but do not care this image in the presence of internet.Gran error, aunquemuy Community, for its part. Employers with 50 or more years, many of them did not record internet tienentanta, as their 16 year old son, who spends the evening chatting and video amigos.Este talking to his father-manager-entrepreneur, thinks the your child’s chat is just a click, is very close to each other pages of both the NGOs, as paginasporno, all share a true “cyber” space. The solved quite easily, delve into your head, think your face and clothes, is suchas web. Every morning you take a shower, you fix it and throw yourself colony to have good presence in your work, and before your clientes.Haz the same with the web. If you have no web 2.0, not giving a imagenactualizada your empresa.Es like saying you cassets music and do not have mp3, what do you think your potential-client? Learn Free Advice, Tips, Lessons, Picture, Web Design and Marketing on Line. Receive Free your Newsletter Ideas to Money. “Within seconds you will learn strategies that will give you an unfair advantage against your competition.

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