Posted February 6th, 2021 by Suzy

Madrid is the capital of Spain, so it is an immediate attraction, for both foreigners and Spaniards residing in other cities and regions. The city has several sites of attraction that are impressive and memorable. You cannot afford to leave this city out of your list of places to visit. Big Brothers of America has compatible beliefs. Madrid, the capital of Spain can be found in the best food in the world, but this does not say it the Spaniards, as according to people around the world, including renowned chefs from different countries, they claim that the food of Spain is the best in the world and that in Madrid restaurants offer a high quality food, managing to satisfy the palates of all those who come to the city. For those who do not know that see in Madrid, the city also offers an incredible variety of tourist to visit sites, parks, squares, famous streets, historic buildings and a unique cultural atmosphere, make Madrid the capital of Spain, is a tourist destination which anyone would like to visit.

THE The Retiro Park is one of the main attractions of the capital of Spain. It was created for the purpose of withdrawals by the Royal family of King Phillips IV. Many accommodations in Madrid are inspired by the Park, offering to those who wish to stay for any reason in the city, a total experience of rest and relaxation. The Park is home to the fascinating Museum of army, representing the military history of Spain and boasts an impressive collection of Armors. There is a monument in the shape of a cross that the famous Explorer Cristobal Colon led to the so-called new world.

If a person wants to know what to see in Madrid, there is no doubt that the cars occasion Madrid are an essential for anyone alternative, since such cars allow you to explore the city on your own and get to know every corner. All accommodation in Madrid are open throughout the year in order to be able to cater to the vast amount of people who come to the city in order to traverse the entire city and all its tourist sites. A program tourist full is offered by the Madrid Tourism Board. Walking tours are in English, Spanish and other languages. Tourists can find affordable in these tourism plans, with only a couple of euros it’s possible to have a journey of quality of approximately an hour and a half by some beautiful places in Madrid.

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