Credibility Of Advertising

Posted November 15th, 2017 by Suzy

" Specificity makes advertising more credible. About the one who tends to the common phrase, the consumer usually thinks, "He knows everything gradually, and eventually knows nothing. " Narrow specialization will make him think: "Yes, this is a specialist in their field." This attitude has a direct impact on sales growth and as a consequence of the increase in profits. 5. Advertising should possess unique. Too many ads are now constructed on the basis of direct copying experience more successful competitors.

Such advertising is fast becoming obsolete and lose its effectiveness on the one simple reason that people get tired of it. They are tired of listening to how much your company pays the marketers and the leading specialists in a particular area, as well as the fact that your products are the best of its kind and much superior to its competitors. People have already heard many times before. Your ad must be unique, and in solving this problem plays a major part of professional image. What you are: thick or thin, old or young, boy who had just graduated from high school in three or an old professor with glasses, hoary with age? Add a certain amount of advertising self-portrait. A good example of such a declaration, which I recently saw one of his clients: "57-year veteran of the tree will grow up with dollars instead of the leaves faster than the young man half his age can grow your own hair!" In other words, be on opportunities as possible are unique.

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