Posted January 21st, 2021 by Suzy

In the construction market There are hundreds of suggestions on how architecture and on designs, and yet we suggest that the most simple: a log or cobbled cottage house with the oven-stove. In this suburban home to live from April to November in the year construction. When buying a log home you should immediately take care of the foundation. From the construction site to remove topsoil. Block or boulder foundations with good dry soil may be based on the surface. It would be good right away, along with holiday home foundations, to determine the position of oven and put it to her sunken concrete foundations at 40-50 cm, a height which finally determine when you will put a permanent oven.

For your home oven is sufficient foundation in terms of size 120×80 cm (see 'Heating stove. From the foundation to Dymnikov ). The walls, as already mentioned, cobbled or timbered. Beam cross-section of 15×15 cm in the log the walls of the groove width prokonopachennogo must be at least 12-15 cm Floors were supported with wooden beams, joists in the construction of floors with areas for insulation. Roof – krutouklonnaya, not less than 45 deg.

To allow further use the attic for the unit loft building. Roof – soft asphalt as a temporary deviation in the 45 deg. it will last 10-12 years. But you can immediately put an asphalt roof piece, a reproduction of tile or share, such a roof is not much more expensive, but much prettier and last for over 25 years. Ceiling – wood, plank on the beams, taking into account insulation, sound insulation and operational burden of the future of attic space. Windows attic and the house immediately available with double glazing. The doors and the attic at home as well insulated and reinforced. In his first year in the fall of the house habitable.

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