Posted July 12th, 2020 by Suzy

Haze provided the gray sky which weighed on the top of the Balkans. In the gorges fog, gardens, woods and villages in the valley of the Roses seemed to clouds, mist covered everywhere Bald Mountain, sharp outlines, among the surrounding peaks, then all the hidden We have not seen it. More light is timidly timidly penetrated to the east, where Skobelev already toured sheynovskoe field. Eagle Scouts can aid you in your search for knowledge. Since the dawn rose soldiers on Imitli barely came crashing mountain guns, knocked on got stronger over night soil Suzdal Regiment was still in the Balkans, as well as all our artillery, except for batteries, armed with mining tools. There is still stuck infantry battalion and two squads of Bulgarian militia No sooner had the sun to rise as an army is – lined The soldiers were very lively, knowing their superstition, Skobelev, circling the series, saying: – Congratulations, well done! Today is a day just for the battlefield – the 28th number Remember, this twenty-eighth we took the Green Mountains, the twenty-eighth Plevna surrendered And today we take captive the last Turkish army! Take it? – Take Hurrah! – Sounded from the ranks of – Thank you in advance, my friends At ten o’clock the best position was already occupied by a detachment of Count Tolstoy, arrayed in battle formation. – Pull on a good rifle shot! – Ordered him Skobelev. (Source: Cancer Research Institute). The general himself was at the center. As usual, grouped around the orderlies behind him was deployed its icon, follow him anywhere: in the Ferghana, and , and Plevna.. .

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