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The main crops include cassava which obtained casabe. Also cultivated: corn, sweet potato, leren, Aji, peanuts and tanier. Hunting and fishing allowed him to tainos get proteins necessary for their survival. The most prized meat were the curies, snakes and iguana. They also hunted birds such as doves and ducks. Fishing for manatees was very popular. The tainos had great art to handicrafts, as it is the case of ceramics, characterized by its varied forms of modeling and your decorations with motives in geometric sequence, as well as the religious representations in the handles of vessels. Taino art can also be seen in made body ornaments: shell, the Taino did painstaking work that conform to the dimensions of the snail are reduced size but not for that reason less beautiful; the guaizas, were used as ornaments of the head or front belts ornaments, frequently brought gold applications and were highly praised by the Spanish conquerors; strings of snails, used to dance in the areitos and other religious rites by his great sound.

In bone created a variety of amulets and household utensils, as well as famous inhalers of cohoba. The tainos were organized in villages. Each village had its own chieftain; and, when the village was very small, it joined some other that their chieftain had. With the passage of time, some villages were placed under the command of others, thus constituting a kind of tribal Confederation, which had mostly warriors purposes. The arrival of the Spaniards to the tainos were grouped in five great confederations or chieftainships, led by their respective chiefs, as follows: Marien by Guacanagari. Magua, by Guarionex.

Higuey, by Cayacoa. Maguana, Caonabo by. Jaragua, by Boechio. In the Taino society, women engaged in the manufacture of objects that would be used in daily life. Men, on the other hand, built canoes, stone axes, and all the utensils necessary for hunting and fishing.

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