Communitarian Agent

Posted March 22nd, 2014 by Suzy

3 – PROPOSAL: The present project has as proposal, the direct interconnection of the Control center of Zoonoses with the net of basic attention of the cities, specifically in relation to the Strategies of Health of the Family, as form to suppress the staff deficiency already demonstrated. to be able of this form to cure the problem of area covering stops with this accomplishing visits domiciliary that bring resulted practical in the prevention of the Affection and others zoonoses. 3.1? Legal support: The present suggestion finds support legal: – Would carry n 1350/GM, of 24 of July of 2001? That it institutes the entailed additional financial incentive to the Program of Health of the Family and to the Program of Communitarian Agents of Health and of the other steps; – Would carry n 44, of 3 of January of 2002? What defines the attributions of the Communitarian Agent of Health? ACS, in the prevention and the control of the malaria and the affection; 3.2? Distribution of the ESF in Golden and proposal of interconnection with the Agents of Combat the Endemic diseases of the Control center of Zoonoses: Before more nothing she is necessary to leave sufficiently clearly that present the proposal if bases would carry on them above cited, of form that the interpositions of functions between the Communitarian Agent of Health and the performance of the Agent of Combat the Endemic diseases, do not conflict e, therefore they can be joined clearly as form to increase the effectiveness of the actions. 3.2.1? Function of the Communitarian Agent of Health: We consider that from the date of implantation of this ' ' novo' ' model, the health agent communitarian exclusively plays only e, its institucional paper and the foreseen one in its legal attributions, duly supported above. That is, to carry through domiciliary effective visits being exerted the actions foreseen in art.2, interpolated proposition I of Portaria n 44/2002; to notify to the agent of endemic disease crowded in the same UBSF the domiciles that to need action of elimination focus.

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