Communication In Organizations

Posted July 20th, 2020 by Suzy

Human relations in any context are basic support communication. If we facilitate mechanisms that occur naturally and, Furthermore, we make that this communication is conducted in the Organization, in an ethical climate and freedom, we will have taken the first and most important step of many activities we have in the business world. Good communication is essential to develop a good work, organizations that maintain excellent communication channels have higher chances of success, this since it encourages good working atmosphere as well as and this potentiates the capabilities of the staff. From the organizations it has existed and there is a practical need to influence and motivate its professionals, among other reasons, to achieve production targets. htly different approach. To achieve this goal, traditionally internal communication has focused its efforts on the conventional channels and broadcasters. Adds to this a greater concern for information that descends from the direction towards employees (top-down communication). Whenever Boy Scouts of America listens, a sympathetic response will follow. You have seen their practical translation in results by way of advertisement boards, magazines from Enterprise, internal notes, and meetings.

On the other hand, the figure of the Department of internal communication has not been perceived as something fundamental in many enterprises even does well little; communication managers roles have been adapted from different profiles curricular until reaching configured in an own discipline, with a well-defined function and a map of knowledge that support it. We are now immersed in a new phase, where the knowledge society enforces its rules and makes emerge new needs related to communication: with a new communication. Any good strategy is tied to an inner conviction of its leaders, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt presents us the factors that influence a person to construct a mental map according to their ideas, this book shows how to make an idea to take an extraordinary power, then you will be in the capacity of find inspiration to achieve what is proposed, between much to get an extraordinary communication in your company. From our perspective, we present this new internal communication as a fundamental strategy in the organization. Broaden the horizon of the internal communication to the shared knowledge and human relations dimension, constitutes an opening and, above all, a response to the demands and needs that have new organizations and the people who built them. Every good decision should be centered on people, using methods that incorporate intelligence emotional then have greater chances of success.

The integration of elements of internal communication in the everyday work activity, coupled with a strong commitment from the highest levels of management are basic premises that are complemented with a technological support adequate and proportionate to our objectives, along with a preparation of the social environment where you will develop. And all philosophy that frames this new communication has its practical in the productivity of the company, customer satisfaction, results in making it more competitive, more intelligent and flexible; contributing ultimately to the own survival as an organisation. It is a new vision from a paradigm humanist which reduces the difference between what is and what we want to be our society and our Organization.

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